10 INSANE PS4 Hacks That Will Improve YOUR GAME!

PS4 + PS4 Pro Hacks You Gotta Try. These hacks will definitely improve your game!

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PS4 HACKS AND UPGRADES. The PS4 is already a great console, but fans have made it even better with some crazy hacks and upgrades that completely change the way you play!

This is TheGamer’s list of the 10 Most Creative PlayStation 4 Hacks That Improved The Console (PS4).

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The PS4 is one of Sony’s most innovative systems, but gamers have found ways to take advantage of the console and do even more with the design. Over the past few years, we’ve seen some pretty impressive hacks, modifications and upgrades to both the PS4 and PS4 Pro. See all of these hacks and ways you can completely change your console! Want to play the PS4 on the go? Consider upgrading to a PS4 Playbook. The custom design features a mix between a PS4 console and a laptop computer monitor. No need to fight over the TV or worry about purchasing a Nintendo Switch with this impressive upgrade.

Go back to the old days with the Game Genie or GameShark which gave us some great cheat options for games. The PS4 Cheater is a hack tool to give you unlimited lives and access to various game features and hacks. The DualShock 4 controller is pretty impressive, but gamers have done even better with the upgraded SCUF Infinity 4PS controller. Sleeker controls make the device easy to use while playing. Want to look at something different each time you start up the PS4? Add the PS4 UI Editor to your console and enjoy all the changes that come with it. If you loved playing the free monthly PS Plus games, turn back time and access the games again thanks to a special hack which changes the clock on your PS4 console. Watch to see all of these hacks and several others that’ll make you want to completely transform your PS4!


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the ps4 is a near-perfect console but the features the games and advanced graphics still haven't stopped players from hacking it from case mods to homebrew games check out some of the most creative hacks that Sony doesn't want you to know about before we begin subscribe to the gamer and don't forget to ring that bell to become a part of our notification squad where you'll be the first to know of new content without further ado let's dive into these crazy ps4 hacks and mods ps4 playbook there were a lot of Xbox and ps4 owners who got a little envious with the release of the switch Nintendo made the transition to a hybrid console seamless and allowed players to enjoy games without the purchase of a portable console like the Nintendo 3ds or PlayStation Vita instead of waiting for some type of hybrid feature in a future console like the PS 5 check out a ps4 hack known as the playbook created by a modder known for his website EDS junk the playbook is a masterpiece creation that looks like an official Sony release the custom console design adds a flip-top laptop monitor to the top of a ps4 slim the monitor offers a ton of space to view and play your favorite games the back of the ps4 PlayBook also includes an HDMI port for full access on a regular TV with the PlayBook there's no fighting over the television and you can play the console practically anywhere the custom build though will cost you a pretty penny with the latest model going for around 1500 US but it's still worth it if you want to play the ps4 anywhere you choose ps4 cheater remember the glory days of using cheat codes like the game genie or the game shark we would actually have to buy magazines or code guides to look up codes and cheats for our favorite video games now finding it accessing codes has become a lot harder one way to completely change the way you play games is with a hack app known as the ps4 cheater the cheat device was made in a similar design and style as the classic cheating devices that we know and love the homebrew app is all digital and accessed through the ps4 through the ps4 cheater you have the ability to access all types of cheats and hacks for games for example in shooting games gain access to unlimited ammo and the rarest guns in sports games access unlocked characters extra levels and full attributes for special content codes may be downloaded directly from a computer allowing you to check off what codes you want to activate while playing a majority of the cheats are created for offline versions of games so you won't get any trouble with online communities goth Infiniti four PS controller with each new Sony console comes a new controller in the form of the Dual Shock it was no different with the release of the ps4 and the Dual Shock for the Dual Shock 4 features a number of the traditional video game controller features along with a touchpad light bar and a built-in speaker despite all of the great options many companies have hacked the Dual Shock 4 to make some improvements and create custom controllers of their own one of these companies is scuf gaming and they've released the infinity for PS controller for the ps4 at first glance these controllers look like Dual Shock pores with a new skin but there are several other features to help them stand out more accurate trigger buttons ensures shooting and other actions are performed without any delay or issues the thumbsticks come in multiple Heights and have the ability to change out within seconds choose from standard thumb sticks or a concave design if you prefer the thumb stick to curve in work custom mapping on the controller may also be changed within a matter of seconds giving you the ability to adjust controls to fit your needs and improve your speed within games besides the technical aspects the custom color options on the controller allow you to choose a color scheme that is truly your own ps4 UI editor on older consoles like the ps1 or ps2 the main menu screens featured simple designs and were barely used as players just waited for the inserted game disc to load now the user interface or UI is completely transformed with all new types of graphics designs and visuals the PS or is a true home entertainment center with access to games digital content and several types of streaming services even though the current UI is sleek and easy to access you have a lot more customisation options with the homebrew app known as the ps4 UI editor in the app you can change everything about how your ps4 starts up and showcases content one of the main things you can change with the ps4 UI editor are the thumbnails for games you own choose a different graphics stick with a basic title or go with a theme to represent all of your games along with the game icons the UI editor allows you to change some of the more basic ps4 menu icons like the internet browser add some extra style to your user interface and make the ps4 totally unique react PS plus one of the best perks of being a PlayStation Plus member is the ability to download free games every month all of the games will quickly build in your library giving you a vast collection of titles and genres while playing the free games are great they come with a caveat you must have an active PS Plus subscription to properly play them if your PS Plus subscription expires you lose access to the games until you renew your subscription again thankfully some game hackers have found a way to give you access to your collection of free games without the need to renew your PS Plus subscription the react PS Plus app changes the internal clock on the ps4 to the year 2013 so all of the games become unlocked again and the console assumes your PS Plus subscription is active again the best way for this app to work is with games that are already installed on your ps4 console since you won't be able to access the PlayStation Store to purchase any games that aren't fully downloaded on your console enjoy stepping back in time and gaining access to each and every game you downloaded in some cases you may have dozens of games you've been locked out of because of your expired PS Plus subscription now there's a reason to keep them on your console without worrying about collecting virtual dust homebrew games hacking a ps4 includes the ability to run homebrew software which is basically the term used for custom software not developed or released by Sony along with a number of apps to change the way your ps4 works and operates a homebrew installation also allows you to install a number of independent homebrew games on the ps4 there are two homebrew games that really stand out and are worth purchasing the first game is known as the Enchanted Forest the side-scrolling game takes you into a magical forest where you must collect coins gather stars and get through a number of challenges the game has pretty great graphics for a homebrew entry and is ideal for all ages another homebrew game worth downloading is strike Italy unity the ps4 game was designed in the style of a first-person shooter much like call of duty the game has a number of custom maps and a wide variety of weapons players made use while in battle exploring the world of custom made games gives you a chance to try out different styles without shelling out 60 bucks or more each time you want to get your hands on a new release cronusmax plus as amazing as some of the games for the ps4 are you may sometimes feel stuck with the controller options the console gives you if you don't like the grip or controls featured on the DualShock 4 there's only so much you can do to customize them thankfully the way you use controllers has been completely revolutionized with the cronusmax plus USB device the small device and the software can do all types of things when it comes to playing on a ps4 for one of the biggest highlights is the ability to play ps4 games with other gaming controllers the games you play have no lag with the controller and custom button mapping allows you to set up the controller exactly how you need it along with using other controllers the cronusmax plus gives you the chance to turn ps4 gaming into a PC gaming experience with the use of a mouse and keyboard for those used to PC gaming this is a true game changer and the hacks will have a huge effect on gameplay and control options the X station for many of us choosing just one video game console to own is a tough challenge there are a lot of great options and a number of games we want to get our hands on when we do own multiple consoles we have to go through the effort of finding a place to put the console along with ensuring our TV has enough HDMI connections to handle all of them well thanks to a clever hack none of these problems exists for owners of the X station created by videogame modern Ed's junk the X station is a large machine with both the Xbox one and ps4 all mixed together into a single console case the X station features a disc slot for each console and a single button switch option to go back and forth between the console inputs save your entertainment center from a mess of plugs and wires an alternate version of the X station is the play box one the dual console also features an attached laptop monitor for portable playing options wherever you can plug the console fallout 4 mods on its own fallout 4 is a pretty complete game with so much to do in the main story and so many quests to follow on the side despite hours and hours of content gamers have multiple ways to hack and mod their way into the fallout 4 world thanks to a number of different mods and features fallout 4 can be completely changed for the better while you explore for example if you're sick of seeing the drab Brown wasteland a special ma download adds a little more green to the world including brighter colors and some actual plant life water and weather mods also change the look of the game and supply you with great upgrades to the visuals of Fallout 4 a number of custom buildings have been created by gamers including the extravagant Marlborough mansion check out the immersive gameplay mod which increases difficulty features more powerful guns and gives you much less health to survive with the mod downloads are easy to install and do not require a lot of extensive hacking or changes to your console illuminated controllers the ps4s Dual Shock 4 controllers already feature a light bar on them but you have the option of increasing the light and illumination in your controller design the next time you go to your friend's house or some type of videogame gathering showcase the ultimate custom controller with a lot more illumination many companies offer modded controllers with lights wired in them in a variety of different ways for example the analog thumbsticks may feature color LED lights built into them the trigger switches on the back of the controller may have lights attached to them as well the grip of the controller could feature small clear shaped areas with lights underneath them when playing the ps4 in a dark room the illumination allows you to see the controller options a lot easier you can also choose a clear case design similar to the classic design featured on the ps2 is Dual Shock 2 controller along with the lights the modded controllers often feature custom graphics and design options Wow there you have it what ps4 hack was the most impressive what hacks would you try on your console are there any that we miss let us know in the comments section below don't forget to like this video share it and subscribe to the gamer so you can stay up to date with our awesome videos thanks for watching