10 Gaming Hacks Every Gamer Should Know

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We’ve all heard about lifehacks. Lifehacks are simply tips which could make tedious and annoying parts of our life much simpler and enjoyable. To gamers, the word hack usual means something else. Hacking is something which requires incredible amount of skill but is frowned upon because, well, it is kind of illegal and may ruin the experience of other players online. That being said, a gamehack is essentially the gaming version of a lifehack which means it is much cooler. Gamehacks, like lifehacks, are tips and tricks that aren’t all necessarily hacks per say but can improve your gaming experience substantially. The gaming hacks will help you optimize your gaming experience and make you laugh about the way you gamed before.

Some of these hacks can be incredibly simple while others may require you to have a very good understanding of computers. We’re talking about fiddling with computer chips levels of knowledge so it’s most certainly not for the inexperienced. Do you constantly struggle to get good ping and maintain full bars when playing an online game? Well, we have a gamehack for that. Do you wish there was a way to play for PS4 in a different room and possible a different house? We also have a gamehack for this problem. Here at TheGamer, we are chock full of gaming hacks to share with the awesome, but sometimes crazy, gaming community. Without further ado, here are 10 gaming hacks every gamer should know. Enjoy!

by now almost everyone has heard of life hacks but have you heard of game hacks no it's not hacking it's something completely different just like a life hack a game hack is something that's not well known but can totally improve your gaming experience that is why we've assembled this list of ten gaming hacks every gamer should know before we begin hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all of our awesome videos and click that Bell to become part of our notification squad number 10 PS Vita as a ps4 controller this gaming hack is more of a standard feature than an actual hack but there are a lot of people who don't know about using the PS Vita as an alternative to the ps4 Dual Shock controller if you're in a sticky situation and need to play with a friend but you don't feel like dropping 60 bucks on a new controller just bring your PS Vita and use it as a second controller now I know most people watching are saying most people who own a PS Vita also have a ps4 so why would I bring my Vita if I can just bring my controller while that may be true the PS Vita does have access to remote play so you can play while the TV is being used by someone else or if you simply want to play the game in a different room as you can see it's still a very useful feature all you have to do is enable remote play on the ps4 and sign in as a guest Remote Play works for pretty much every game on ps4 it can be a little hard to get used to using the back touchpad as l2 and r2 but after a few hours it becomes second-nature once you do that you have a second controller for free well actually $250 number-9 controller as a flash drive this gaming hack requires a bit more outside the box thinking in fact it's actually more of a physical hack it's possible to open up a controller and attach a flash drive to it to store games talk about convenient with this flash drive controller you can bring it with you on the go to your friend's house and plug it into their computer or laptop to play all the games you've stored in your controller that sounds absolutely incredible but it requires a lot of skill and focus unless you're extremely knowledgeable in the realm of computers it would be wise not to attempt this at all if you're ready for a challenge and coincidentally have an old controller lying around I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it if you're a computer hacking genius and a master solder er you can do this for your PlayStation and Xbox as well there are plenty of forums and websites with step-by-step instructions on how to install a flash drive onto your controller let's just say it's a little bit complicated it involves opening up your controller procuring and desoldering a USB hub hollowing out the controller handles and placing the flash drive and USB hub in those handles before closing everything up again do it at your own risk hey guys we're very excited to announce the Premium Network the premium gets you early access to videos from the richest Screen Rant the taco the Sportster the things and many other great channels literally thousands of videos in one place with ad free browsing check out the premium by clicking this link sign up for free and start binge watching videos from your favorite channels number eight wired Internet is better than Wi-Fi this may seem like an absolute no-brainer for hardcore gamers but this may have gone unknown for more casual gamers your console can have a wired internet connection using an Ethernet cable Wi-Fi maybe the simpler way to connect your console to the Internet but a most certainly is not the best way a wired connection is proven to improve your ping and reduce lag now you won't get angry at every single guy who beats you and call a duty and then blame it on lag who are we kidding of course you'll still blame it on lag that being said some of us are unable to give our consoles a wired connection due to the fact that our router is not wireless and maybe in a different room than our console that sucks but it's not like a Wi-Fi connection is terrible it's just second best in a battle between the two if you're serious about gaming you should definitely go wired over wireless it'll give you an advantage over those who have not wired their internet so why not it's really surprising to see how many gamers do not have wired internet connections but hopefully things will change if you're watching this video number 7 game mode on your TV if you're playing on a high-definition TV which you must be playing if you own a ps4 Xbox one or Nintendo switch you may or may not be surprised to know that there's a game mode on your TV game mode is a screen setting feature on most modern TVs which is set to remove input like and remove the visual lag between the game and the screen it's something very simple but it could give you a slight advantage over other players if you were a pixel perfect type of gamer game mode can help you get headshots in first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield so it's quite the useful feature game mode is definitely worth checking out and tweaking to achieve the best visuals on your TV screen for your game the best way to achieve the ideal gaming settings for your TV is to simply Google the serial number of your TV and add gaming settings there are probably hundreds of other people on forums who've tried the same thing and you can figure it out from there if you spend $1000 on a TV you might as well make sure its settings are perfect for your game console number six playing games on the go it turns out that you can be an absolute baller and buy your games on the go you may be a pretty busy person with three jobs a spouse eighteen kids you know the whole nine yards so it's no surprise that you want your games to be ready to play when you come home luckily with the latest generation of consoles and almost everything nowadays you can spend money like you don't mean nothing both the PSN app and Xbox SmartGlass allow you to purchase games straight from the app to make these even sweeter than they already are you can even link your PSN or Xbox Live account on the app to your console so the app will wake up your system and download games while you're dealing with your overly chaotic life you may have to lose one of your three jobs to get some time to play the new game but it's a decision that we have to make sometimes in this wild world buying games on the go is easily the best way to maximize your playing time instead of driving to game stop purchasing a game coming home and then waiting for the download to complete you can just play the game the second you get home convenience is key number five emulators can be used to play older games if you on a PC Mac or even a decent Android phone you can download and use an emulator emulators are a way to play some older games from older consoles like the Super Nintendo PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 it's important to know that downloading emulators and their games known as roms are technically illegal here at the gamer we are not condoning or endorsing the use of emulators in any way shape or form we are simply talking about it because they're out there and people all around the world use emulators whether they disclose it or not for playing classic games on the Super Nintendo zette SNES is the most popular emulator for PlayStation 1 you have ePSXe and for PlayStation 2 you have pcsx2 nintendo 64 players like to use project 64 and if you own an Android phone retroarch is a great app with access to multiple emulators for almost every system emulators have their use they're a good way to access classic games you may never have had the chance to play we simply want to play again it's important to know that people did develop these games though even if it was back in the 80s they they still need to feed their families number four play ps4 remotely from your PC or Mac by now we all know the PlayStation Vita can play the ps4 remotely as a second controller but what about your PC or Mac well your PC or Mac cannot be used as a second controller but it most certainly can be used for remote play with your ps4 you would be surprised at how many gamers do not know about this feature many of us knew about the PS Vita because it was one of Sony's main selling points for the handheld console but the remote play app for PC and Mac flew under the radar most likely because it was not announced at an event like III to play games on your Mac in PC simply download the app turn on your ps4 and plug your DualShock 4 controller into the computer with the USB cable you'll be prompted to press the options button to continue and there you go you're now playing your ps4 on your computer this is much better than playing on the PS Vita because the screen is larger and you still get to use the DualShock 4 controller it might not be nearly as portable as using the Vita but it's so much better on the eyes number 3 I protection when playing video games your eyes are your most important tools without your eyes it would be pretty much impossible to play video games so it's incredibly important to protect them as best as we can why do we need to protect our eyes well it turns out that computer screens and TV screens emit blue light which can cause eye strain and permanent eye damage in long run hell even the Sun emits blue light to some level some people swear by gunner optics to protect their eyes from gaming while others don't gunner optics is a company which produces eyewear to help reduce blue light through an amber lens as well as other products there's also a free PC and Mac program called flux that people use to reduce blue light it's a free program which adjusts your computer screens brightness and color settings depending on the time of day to maximize protection of your eyes even iPhones and some Android phones have built-in features like flux to protect your eyes if you find yourself sitting in front of a computer or the screen all day playing games are doing computer stuff then you should definitely protect your eyes number two use a banana holder as a headset stand remember when we said game hacks are kind of like life hacks well this one is more of a life hack than a game act but still involves gaming in some capacity so we'll call it a gaming hack for those of you who owned a nice desk with plenty of space to game on your PC and the high-end headset this is the gaming hack for you are you always struggling with finding a place for your headset do you constantly misplace your headset even though it's a pretty big device and almost impossible to misplace then we have the solution for you use a banana holder it's normal if you have no idea what a banana holder is because they're seldom used in most houses a banana holder is well exactly that it's used to hold bananas so they can ripen properly and not turn all brown and ugly like they sometimes do what they don't tell you when you buy one is that they're the perfect headset stands just place your headset on the hook and voila you've got an awesome spot to put your headset conveniently located on your desk it's simple its stylistic it's the future of modern PC gaming desk design number one Xbox Live Gold members Skype calling this may be surprising to see a number one but once we explain it to you you'll be totally convinced it was the right choice Xbox Live Gold was pretty much a requirement for any online Xbox gamer before and became more of a necessity with the release of the Xbox one since a membership is needed to stream Netflix and record gameplay it's not all bad though because Xbox Live Gold members who own an Xbox one are given 103 minutes of voice calling on skype Microsoft is essentially giving players a free trial of the program they've brought back in 2011 to be honest this does not seem very useful since Skype to Skype calling is free but it allows you to make phone calls to anywhere in the world for free as long as you do not exceed 100 minutes this is where the fun begins since Xbox Kinect now has voice commands you can simply make a contact on skype name it after your favorite local food joint and insert the places phone number then whenever you're in a good mood for some food wall gaming you can simply say Xbox call Domino's and boom you can order a pizza and it'll be at your front door in 30 minutes or less you can thank us later well there you have it we hope you learned about some interesting gaming hacks that you can implement in your home let us know about any gaming hacks that you might have missed in the comments section below also if you haven't already hit the subscribe button to keep up to date with our awesome playlist thanks for watching